Did you know that EPA Ultimate Concepts has been a part of Wayfarer Insurance Group since 2016? Since then, we've been working to unify the personal service and professional advice you have come to expect with the strength of our collective lifestyle insurance offerings unique to Wayfarer Insurance Group.

In order to seamlessly deliver our insurance solutions to you, the products currently offered under the EPA Ultimate Concepts brand name will be offered under the Wayfarer Insurance Group brand. This change will allow us to do business more efficiently, make it easier for you to do business with us, and allow us to deliver the most value to you.

What does this mean going forward?  

We strive to provide the best prize insurance coverage available, and it remains at the core of everything we do. We believe it is our responsibility to support community events, add more excitement to those events, and raise funds for charities, all while having fun doing it. We want to make sure that your events and the lifestyles that revolve around them, not only survive, but thrive, well into the future. We look forward to building upon that tradition as Wayfarer Insurance Group.

In the coming months, we'll begin the process of changing our signage and correspondence to signal the change. Be on the lookout for our new logo in your community next season!

We still have access to the leading insurance markets in the prize insurance space. Specialized claims service will continue to be provided as it always has been - delivered by the experts who share your passion and know your hobby best.

Backed by the strength of Wayfarer Insurance Group, we will continue providing you with the best prize insurance solutions, while now also being able to offer you the right insurance solutions for all your other specialty lifestyle insurance needs.

Wayfarer's Roots

Founded in 2005, Wayfarer Insurance Group has brought together a rich history of brands that have inspired trust in Canadians from coast to coast.

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